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The Arabian Breeders World Cup Show in Las Vegas

The Arabian Breeders World Cup show is scheduled for April 17-20, 2008. With Las Vegas as the backdrop, the event will truly be an "International horse show" that will unite breeders worldwide. It will be a showcase for the natural beauty, nobility, excitement and unique characteristics of the Arabian horse breed and will provide a lively and entertaining experience for existing breeders and those new to Arabian horses.

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The Arabian Horse Network was created to meet the changing advertising needs of Arabian horse owners, exhibitors, breeders, trainers and horse enthusiasts. The network was developed in June of 1996 and is run by Arabian horse owners and breeders. We realize the additional needs of a growing national and international clientele, and have matched that need with the most cost-effective way to market our horses and services. The Internet provides us in the Arabian horse industry with a way to present more complete facts and information to our target markets.

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The Arabhorse Farm Tours proudly invites you to attend the 2012 6th Annual ArabHorse Farm Tour in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona. This is a must-attend event unlike any other in the world. Here is the perfect way to welcome in the New Year! Scottsdale's most prominent Arabian horse farms open their doors, welcoming the public to enjoy National Champion horses, meet top trainers, and learn more about this incredible breed. Come share our passion for the Arabian horse. The Farm tours will begin on December 28th and continue through January 1st. All events are FREE TO ATTEND.

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The Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show

Since 1955 the Annual Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show has set the pace in the Arabian horse world. The first show was held at the grounds of the Arizona Biltmore Hotel which was a beautiful setting for a horse show. The Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show was a first class show from the very first day.

After the show's beginnings at the Arizona Biltmore, Ann McCormick bought 150 acres in Scottsdale and made it into the horse facility known as Paradise Park which served the needs of the show for many years.

Since that time, the show has been held at Westworld in Scottsdale. It has grown from 50 horses to nearly 2400 horses bringing top owners, trainers and breeders from around the world competing for a chance at winning. A win at Scottsdale can mean big money in the breeding barns.

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